I love Star Trek. I’ve always enjoyed it more than Star Wars (sorry), likely due to my older brother’s mild obsession in his teenage years (he had a uniform, badges, toys and collectables – the whole shebang). Its influence is undeniable and its impact culturally was huge, and the imagination when it came to technology was extraordinary. The original series was camp and theatrical but groundbreaking, with the first interracial kiss attributed (and disputed, it must be said) to an episode of Star Trek.

Maggie Shannon, a photographer based in NYC, was recently commissioned by VICE to cover Star Trek: Mission New York, a convention held on the occasion the 50th anniversary of the original series, and celebrating Star Trek as the most influential sci-fi franchise of television history. Trekkies or Trekkers (always a dispute) of all backgrounds, allegiances and ranks got together to enjoy themselves, and Shannon was there to capture it, and came back with some fantastic imagery which I had to share. Enjoy.














All images © Maggie Shannon

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